Building Codes

"Good information explained in easy language" TrainingOntario student

"Great guidelines for beginners to navigate through the OBC but also great content and exercises for those with moderate to experienced knowledge in this area" TrainingOntario student

"Quick, concise and reaches the general knowledge required in the field"  TrainingOntario student

" I found the ease of online presentation convenient.  I have employees who would benefit greatly from the way the course is formatted"  TrainingOntario student

"Simple to follow and understand.  Well placed exercises." Jova Management

"OBC volumes are quite overwhelming...the course helps drastically to simplify the OBC." TrainingOntario student

Business Planning & Management Fundamentals 

There is a wealth of information that is packed into this course and the teaching method is great.  The concepts are vital to understand when starting a new business "  TrainingOntario student

"Great info and great industry examples" TrainingOntario student

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is starting a business not only in the construction sector but in general. This is a great course to understand the fundamentals of financial planning and the terminologies that an individual needs to understand in order to effectively communicate in his/her company."  TrainingOntario student

"Great course.  Guaranteed to help you in writing the Tarion assessments.  It will undoubtedly contribute to your success in real estate development in the future."  TrainingOntario student

"This course will provide you with information the financial community requires for the success of your company but more importantly provide you with a guide to prepare and track your own successes and why some companies fail." TrainingOntario student

A lot of great material for learning about the basics of a business plan.  A great course for people drafting up plans." TrainingOntario student

"Business planning skills are essential in running a successful business.  The material in this course is practical and helpful for those who are looking to start their own business. TrainingOntario student


Construction Technology

"Course provides important information in an easy to understand format. Quizzes help provide insight towards whether the information was immediately understood. Diagrams are helpful as well as the study material."  Cosimo Mazzaferro, Iron 6 Developments Inc.

"Extremely informative in all aspects of construction technology.  Easy followed and understood."  TrainingOntario student

"Very good overview of all aspects of new home construction. All subcontractors should be required to take this course to ensure they know how their part effects other areas of the total construction system.   TrainingOntario student

"This is an essential course for any contractor to go through to help better understand the science of the buildings not just the theory."  TrainingOntario student

 Customer Service & Tarion's Warranty

"This course provides an extremely well explained, relatable, and thorough teaching of customer service."   John Lilly, Lilly Construction

"Extremely informative course that provides great step by step procedures in customer service."  TrainingOntario student

"Lots of knowledge and insight on customer service and real life scenarios and how to handle them. Good for employees and employers, associates to know and understand."  TrainingOntario student

"Gives you a great understanding of Tarion and service requirements to operate professionally and in accordance to the Act"  TrainingOntario student

"Very thorough course hitting every detail about customer service and more in the industry.  Loaded with tips!"  TrainingOntario student

"This course is extremely insightful in demonstrating why customer service should be the core of any business." TrainingOntario student

Financial Planning & Management 

"Wonderful course, excellent delivery of information with examples."  TrainingOntario student

"The basics in understanding the financial requirements when starting a company, extremely important."  Mitch Sauder

"Great, straight-forward course that is very relevant to the industry with very relevant industry examples."  TrainingOntario student

"Essential information to properly operate a business.  Easy to understand and apply"  TrainingOntario student

 Legal Issues in Housing

"Great relevant information. Easy to stay focused with only pertinent information being presented."  TrainingOntario student

"This course gives a very good general idea of the legal issues without getting too technical with legal terminologies that only lawyers can understand."  TrainingOntario student

"This subject matter was clearly and concisely presented. In addition, the content was highly relevant."  TrainingOntario student

"Covers wide spectrum of areas - including Tarion addendum + statutory liability that enhanced my knowledge on the subject matter that will not only assist with the legal issues in housing but also my work place."  TrainingOntario student

"The course has very useful information that any builder and/or vendor must know if they would like to be successful in dealing with their purchasers and trades."  TrainingOntario student

Project Management & Supervision Fundamentals

Course gave an excellent structure through which to visualize the flow of a well-managed site. Challenges were from real life situations that happen regularly, making the learning relevant - Thanks!!  TrainingOntario student

Having an understanding of project management is crucial in implementing any project...the course was very helpful in breaking down the different aspects of project management.  TrainingOntario student

Being a General Contractor myself for 18 years the explanations and examples shown throughout the modules were very realistic and was showing real situations in the construction phases of a project.  TrainingOntario student

 This course gives an overview of actual project management in office and on site. From my previous knowledge, it touched on most aspects of project management and gives the student knowledge to seek further information should they feel it to be necessary.  TrainingOntario student