Energy Efficiency and Air Tightness Testing

The goals for the Pan-Canadian Framework will affect homebuilders and homeowners.  This course will help you understand how the upcoming code changes will challenge the way we plan and build our houses.  Join Amelie Caron of EcoSynergy and Gord Cooke of Building Knowledge Canada to learn about energy efficiency, air tightness testing and affordable approaches to building high performance houses.

Knowledge & Skill Building Areas

Understanding Net Zero Energy

  • Explain the Pan-Canadian framework and its goals for the home building industry
  • Explain how the goals of the Pan-Canadian framework will affect the home builders and homeowners
  • Explain Net-Zero Energy and Net-Zero Ready house
  • Describe the anticipated changes to the existing energy codes
  • Discuss the approaches to apply with the energy codes
  • Discuss the risks associated with build Net-Zero homes (high-performance houses)
  • Describe the approaches to mitigate envelope failures due to top higher insulation values

Understanding Air Tightness

  • Explain the role of air tightness
  • Explain how air tightness affects a building
  • Define air barrier system
  • Explain how air tightness affects the building as a system

Understanding Air Leakage Testing

  • Difference between a pre-drywall air leakage test and pre-occupancy air leakage test.
  • Explain the significance of air leakage test
  • Explain the significance of air leakage test at the pre-drywall stage
  • Explain the method to detect air leaks

Affordable Approaches to Building High Performance Houses 

  • Discuss industry trends with respect to energy efficiency
  • Discuss NBC Section 9.36 and the Compliance Path options
  • Identify opportunities and challenges using building science
  • Identify affordable options & trade-offs in both the performance path and perspective path
  • Discuss examples of energy modeling successes

Ideal candidates for taking this course are:   Designers, Drafts persons, Inspectors, Technicians, Estimators, Purchasing Agents, Site Supervisors, Construction Managers, Warranty Representatives and Technicians, Trades, Suppliers, Support Staff, Customer Service Representatives and Management. 

Delivery Method:  This course involves 5 hours of online learning which allows you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your own computer any time of the day or night.

Timeframes:  You will be allotted 3 months from the date of course registration to complete the online education.  Extensions can be purchased it additional time is required.

Prerequisite:  There is no prerequisite for this course.


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